About Us

Sichinko (PTY) Ltd is a 100% fully black-owned company established in 2016 situated in Centurion, South of Pretoria (Tshwane) with solid, reputable and excellent services. Sichinko is a leading diverse black-owned, managed company, focusing on facilities management strategies on the basis of Consulting, Construction, and Maintenance. The company was founded on the belief that the built environment can change people’s lives for the better. Hence we strive to meet this aim every day, everywhere by helping our clients to solve their biggest challenges by harnessing our diverse skills and constantly expanding what’s technically possible.


To become the ultimate provider of sustainable and technology-driven in facilities management services throughout RSA.


Our mission is to continue to create resourceful, relevant and stirring solutions. We intend to further entrench ourselves as an industry-leading facilities management company that is able to inspire and sustain corporate reputation and trust.


Sichinko operates under the following mandate; Facilities Management consultancy, Facilities Management Maintenance, and Facilities Management Monitoring, with a belief that a building that functions efficiently and effectively is a positive environment for occupants and a hard-working asset for owners. Using the two objectives underlined below.


Sichinko Facilities Management specialists work in partnership with clients, giving independent, expert advice in response to their challenges and goals. We tailor our services for a wide range of clients big and small residential to commercial. Sichinko is also involved in extensive facilities management consulting, including contract monitoring to manage building technical maintenance.

Sichinko understands how buildings are designed, and the technical and management systems they need to work well. That knowledge helps us broker better understanding between building owners, occupiers, designers, and contractors, for facilities management solutions that better fulfill a building’s intended use.

Our facilities management’s specialists help ensure that diverse projects function as intended, to make sure that a building performs well from the outset, we provide advice during design and construction on access for maintenance, lifecycle costing and operational gaps, our advice, proposals and maintenance activities helps to ensure that buildings are easy to maintain and efficient to run.

Sichinko also eases the building’s handover from the developer to the operator (when required). We help clients understand how their building works, and we provide technical support, maintenance strategies, and operations.


We continue to provide support throughout the life of a building with technical diagnostics and maintenance problem solving, maintenance monitoring, energy audits, refurbishment and minor project works. We also work extensively building operators, funders, and maintenance contractors to ensure that their facilities are compliant to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency of the facility and infrastructure efficiently and provide a safe environment for occupants by increasing Preventive Maintenance to reduce unscheduled outages.

Sichinko identifies the standard of condition measurement and manages it through its comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Our programs include scheduled inspections and routine maintenance which are designed to identify problems in advance to ensure the building components and systems are in “as new” condition. Our preventive maintenance programs are essential to minimizing interruptions to customer work and program activity.

Finally, as building ages, we offer surveys for dilapidations, pre-purchase, condition and estate liability.